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Judith’sMaster Challenges program is amazing.  After my diagnosis of MS, shetaught me how to bust through the things that were blocking me from health andhappiness so I could find balance, my career passion and healing. I listen to the CDs over and overand work with her one-on-one because she is helpful no matter what phase ofyour life you are in.  I have referred many people toJudith, and they are all successfully Mastering Challenges.
Megan Evans,
Professional Organizer,
Client since 2004

” I came to Judith Parker Harris feeling overwhelmed by my diagnosis of MS. I walked with a cane and sometimes had such excruciating pain that I literally couldn’t move. I was pretty much frozen with dear. Since meeting Judith, I have written two books, resumed my travel to Argentina and am working on a regular basis once again. She’s a friend, she’s a teacher, she’s original, and she’s authentic. Thank you Judith for restoring my hope.”
~Acting Teacher

“Thank you for your presentation!!! The whole Holocaust had such a hold over me. You made me realize why it is s hard for me to reconcile because its not my story. I was at the effect of the Holocaust, which shaped my story. Therefore, my story is not my fathers story. I am grateful for being able to break the chain of madness and co-dependence. I will not pass it on to another generation.”
~Hans Norden
~ Consultant, author & Speaker

“The Health-Esteem Program enabled me to move beyond old patterns of feeling sorry for myself.  It gave me new tools to utilize in the excavation of myself.  I am now learning to embrace the child in me and to celebrate the woman, too”.
~Melissa A. Nickert
~ Actress/Architect

“I learned to stop worrying about other people’s perceptions of me and my pain (from fibromyalgia).  I am happy to say I have worked through this.  I continue to work and use the tools to deal emotionally with my physical pain.  I am very moved by your passion, sensitivity and commitment towards people living with challenges — both physical and emotional.  I thank you dearly for the class.”
~Monica Suyo
~ Artist

“With this insightful, transformative process, Judith Parker Harris empowers you to find the movie in your life and use it to overcome the most challenging obstacles you face and achieve whatever you desire.”
~Michael Hauge
~ Story Consultant and Author

“Keren and I want to thank you for sharing your outstanding course with us. We enjoyed the CD/workbook combination. The material is clear, it is actually fun, practical, manageable, and fantastic for couples, too. It helped us each understand our personal struggles and gave us ways of empowering ourselves and uplifting each other. We appreciate the fact that this course takes a lot of work. There are no shortcuts. We are inspired to continue to invest the energy into the priorities that we have rediscovered.”
~Keren and Jacques Henri Taylor,
~RTSM, MATT Neuromuscular and Biomechanics Restoration

“Judith is a catalyst for growth and change. She has found a way for each of us to use the strategies of writing great movies to create a smashing life.”
~Linda Seger
~ Script consultant and Author