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Mentor Programs



When you receive challenging health news endless questions go through your mind.
Will I be all right?
What can I do?
Who should be on my healthcare team?
How do I change my life to get better?
Did I do something to cause this?
Am I asking the right questions?
How do I get started?
Where can I get my questions answered?

You are in the right place to learn how to find the answers you seek.  You’ll also be inspired to ask even more questions that will lead you to interesting, surprising and even life-saving changes in your behavior and beliefs.

There is nothing about my life today that is the same as it was in 1985, the year of my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, and I’ve been symptom-free since 1990.  I learned that to get well from MS I needed to change the way I lived my life, felt about my life, and envisioned my life.

I became a Health Detective, by finding answers to questions like these:  Why had I become a workaholic?

What was I running from so hard that my legs were refusing to walk?  Why was my life so out of balance and when did it start getting that way?  Why was my body numb from the waist down and what was I refusing to feel?  Why was I losing my central vision and what was I refusing to see?  Whose life was I reliving so that I didn’t have to deal with my own life?

I learned to welcome each new clue that prompted a change in my life.  I also gradually got healthier as I applied Health-Esteem to all 12 areas of my life.

I can teach you to be a Health Detective to solve the mysteries that are holding you back from health, success, accomplishment and love.

So, pick up your magnifying glass and let’s get started solving your life questions.


Readers of CONQUER CRISIS and people who have heard me speak, kept asking for more. They wanted me to personally guide them through a project, transition or challenge in their lives.  So, I developed a program to do just that.


You can do that with my Program – a Master Class of Project Completion. The same process that helped me heal from MS, launch a new business, write 3 books, produce movies and create an entirely new life for myself is available to help you through any transition in your life.

I call the Program the MASTER CHALLENGES IN YOUR LIFE PERSONAL COACHING SERIES. It is made up of 8 classes over 4 months. (Less time if you’re a workaholic) We develop a personal strategic plan for your life or project and focus assignments to help you creatively move your project forward. I’m there to keep you focused and accountable and to give you every bit of information you need. I’ve led hundreds of people through the course and I’ve seen these people deal with disease and regain their health, recover from broken hearts, start new businesses (lots of new businesses) write and sell screenplays, re-organize family businesses, lose weight, stop drugs or alcohol, find ways to become happy in trying situations. Here are just a few things satisfied clients have said.

CALL FOR a personalized program and coaching quote 1-888-422-1272


Getting what you want boils down to knowing what you want and being able to communicate it effectively without obstacles.  It has taken me years to develop the MASTER CHALLENGES IN YOUR LIFE process, including years of having and then recuperating from Multiple Sclerosis. I then took the process and for 15 years I’ve been sharing it with private and corporate clients who have achieved great results in a myriad of different areas.

Over the years the process became an 8-week program that, taught in person, has helped thousands of people and companies Bust through Blocks to achieve super success. This Program takes people completely through transitions in their lives – transitions of any kind – business, personal, or health. Now, I have recorded the entire 8-week Program on cassette and CD with a fully illustrated workbook – which means, you get the same access to my Blockbusters that my clients have been getting for 15 years, but you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

I have very carefully divided this into 8 one-hour lessons with a section of the workbook for each lesson and homework to be completed before you go on to the next lesson.  This is a time-tested curriculum and training process that cuts through the emotional blockage of your life challenge or diagnosis and gets you on the road to healing and positive change.

And since this process all began with my popular problem solving book CONQUER CRISIS WITH HEALTH-ESTEEM, I’m making it part of the Home Study Course.  You’ll find it to be the definitive workbook on helping you through a crisis or transition in your life.

While I recommend a pace for you to study, you can find your own comfort level as the exercises are extensive and thought and feeling provoking.  The cumulative effect of the lessons is for you to go deep and find the answers that have been alluding you.  

Hear is how Others Felt about the Programs

“The Master Challenges Personal Coaching Program helped me transition from feeling powerless to becoming empowered about the direction of my life.  I have resurrected my creative abilities and dreams that I let go of long ago.  I am alive with new possibility as my heart continues to open.  My singing and song writing blossom.” Ellen Dostal ~ SCBA Executive

“I found my time in the Master Challenges Personal Coaching Program to be a very positive and powerful experience.  I learned many useful and practical ways to overcome challenges and generally improve my life.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to bring fast and meaningful change into their life.” Peter J. Alessandria ~ Attorney at Law

“The Master Challenges Personal Coaching Program helped me cope with my Multiple Sclerosis and to find a better, more rewarding job.  I also got married one year after I graduated from the Program.  I’m sure it’s because I discovered Health-Esteem.” Christine Reyman Smith ~ Public Relations Executive

“Once I opened my mind and heart to this extraordinary process of self examination, I began believing that our lives hold limitless possibilities as to what, indeed, we can achieve.  It helped me get through recovery from breast cancer.” Susan Moss ~ Writer

“Judith Parker Harris is a healing guide of mystical proportions. Creating a gentle and safe environment, she guides you to see your life from a whole new perspective.  She subtly pulls your sleeve to make you aware of a whole new facet through which to look at the diamond of your life.  A most rewarding and changing life experience.” Bobbi Frank ~  Producer