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Becoming your own Health Detective

Detectives ask lots of questions to solve their mysteries or crimes. When bad things happen to us, we often feel like the victim of a crime. Who stole your health? Who murdered your relationship? Who strangled your joy? Who mugged your self-confidence? How did this every happen to you?

So, I challenge you to become a Health Detective. When you begin the search for truth and answers in your life, you must find and study even the tiniest of clues. Then the challenge is to ask yourself enough questions that the answers will guide you to the culprit, the perpetrator of a life-long wound.

Be thrilled when you find a wound because that means you can sleuth your way into slaying your own monsters of disease and dysfunction.

Who? What? Where? When? Why? are tools of the detective. Keep them active. Cherish the answers.
Who am I? What has happened in my life to make me react this way? Where did I get these feelings? When did I learn to react like this? Why am I the way I am?

No matter what emotional wound you may have experienced or what physical symptoms you may now be suffering, if you will make the connection between wound and symptoms and hook that connection into your awareness, healing can take place.

A wish for all my Health Detectives — enjoy solving the mysteries in your life as you move from victim to hero.

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