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 At any one moment in time, you or someone you know or love could be receiving news that puts them at a crossroads. At these turning point times in our lives, we often look at our options and feel trapped. Being stuck in old habits, patterns and routines, costs money, health, relationships, broken hearts, dreams and goals.  If you don’t like the way things are going, change the script by becoming a Detective, a Health Detective, following the evidence to discover health in your life.  Here are a few programs to choose from.

When you receive challenging health news endless questions go through your mind. There is nothing about my life today that is the same as it was in 1985, the year of my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, and I’ve been symptom-free since 1990. Join me by becoming a Health Detective and we will solve the mysteries that are holding you back from health, success, accomplishment and love.



“Inviting Judith Parker Harris to speak at a CAI meeting was a bit of an experiment, as we knew she would be a unique presenter with content totally unexpected by our members. I’m happy to say it was a successful gamble as she surprised many and entertained and informed all. Most attendees, including 43 managers, found the program entertaining and interactive. Everyone thought the speaker, Judith Parker Harris, was great as she earned a 9.3 rating out of 10. Some specific comments include: “Great tools to work out issues both on and off the job;” “Loved the 7 villains and how they make setting intentions and embracing change accessible — even fun;” “Extremely helpful in learning how to go forward and overcome self-doubt;” “Great to balance specific management subjects with personal growth and improvement;” “Upbeat, positive, amazing;” “I appreciated the program– very helpful in everyday life”; “It was awesome and the interactive nature was really cool;” One manager spoke for many when he wrote, she is one of the best speakers I have listened to at a CAI meeting.” We are looking to bring her back, and I highly recommend her to other Associations, Businesses and groups.”

Joan Urbaniak, Executive Director
Community Associations Institute, Greater Los Angeles Area (CAI-GLAC)

“Judith is a truly gifted speaker. She is not only very entertaining, but extremely enlightening. I recommend her for any group or agency seeking a top-notch speaker with a talent to motivate, educate and communicate with people from all walks of life.”

~ Pat Hemingway, M.P.H.
Ingham Regional Healthcare Foundation