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Are You Blocked?

1) Do you feel change is imposed upon you by outside forces?

2) Do you wonder what’s next if your current plan doesn’t work?

3) Do you find yourself stuck in a chain of complaints – never totally happy with anything in your life, as if you’ve been tricked or misled?

4) Do you feel like you’re never quite enough – pretty enough, rich enough, talented enough, smart enough, lucky enough…to get the job done?

5) Has some event or person killed your self-confidence and joy in life?

6) Do you find it necessary to hide behind excuses, role-playing or game playing instead of just being yourself?

7) Do you feel like something or someone is always more powerful than you, leaving you helpless, hopeless – even victimized?

8 ) Do you find it difficult to stay motivated and wonder what your mission in life really is?

9) Have you stalled in your personal or professional growth?

10) Has the ability to love been largely replaced by fear in your life?

11) Do you find yourself waiting for the right circumstances to move forward in your life, yet the circumstances are never quite right enough?

12) Do you feel out of balance, unfocused or limited in your opportunities?

If you answered “yes” to even two of these questions than you are
Blocked means being stuck in habits, patterns and routines that are holding you back from accomplishing your dreams.


How do you do that?Become a BLOCK-BUSTER.

Block-Busters break free of the emotions that fuel those habits, patterns and routines. Block-Busters are ready to face turning points in their lives free from the expectations and prejudices of other people that have been programmed into them. A turning point is a moment of decision or commitment that raises a central question in your life or in the life of your business.

There are basically four steps to move from BLOCKED to BLOCK-BUSTER.

1) Change the script of your life, or any part of it that is not getting you exactly what you want out of life.

2) Confront and conquer the villains. Identify your villain or villains by taking the “Name the Movie of Your Life” quiz. This will also help you name your own unique villain.

3) Call forth your true motivation. Become the director of your own life.

4) Create a multi-level plot – a more balanced life.

Fear To Love

An Excerpt and Exercise from Conquer Crisis with Health-Esteem

There are 237 pages and 31 illustrated chapters in my workbook, full of interactive experiments, all presented and tested by myself and my healing partners, Tobes Reisel a development consultant, Elizabeth Harlow a body therapist and Nancy LaPidus a chiropractor. I’d like to give you an exercise/experiment now from Chapter 25 on Breathing. It will help you release negative energy while replacing it with positive thought and action. This technique can also be very effective when combined with meditation

Scarcity Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality breathing: This chart was introduced to me by Elizabeth when I was feeling shut down by feelings of not being “enough” — good enough, successful enough, pretty enough… I felt depleted in every way. The chart is a wonderful tool to use when you’re feeling deprived in some way, such as through fear, anger, despair, perceived danger or perceived lack of something you want. Find your feeling on the scarcity side of the chart, then follow the arrows through the cycle that feeling engenders. Next, go back to the original feeling, mouse over it and see how it turns to its opposite feeling of abundance from the abundance side of the chart. Again follow the cycle through — this time mousing over each scarcity feeling and noting its replacement with an abundance feeling. Take in the feelings abundance engenders. Enforce this exercise with your breath. Breathe out the scarcity feelings from which you want to be freed, and breathe in the abundance feelings. For example: Breathe out fear, breathe in love; Breathe out suffering, breathe in joy; Breathe out “I’m not enough, breathe in, “I am enough.” When you double click on the chart it will completely change from scarcity to abundance or vice versa. When you’re in a crisis mode, you may want to copy this chart on two sides of a single page, and post it where you can turn the page and breathe into consciously turning away from scarcity and into abundance.