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About Us

Judith Parker Harris is a movie and commercial producer, an advertising/marketing entrepreneur, community leader, author, speaker, coach and consultant who focuses all of those skills and talents on helping businesses and individuals move from BLOCKED to BLOCKBUSTER. She became an expert on blocked when at the peak of her workaholic race for success, she found herself “stuck in the muck” of her own life that she had not dealt with. She set out to become a BLOCKBUSTER as a means of self-preservation.

The year was 1985, and Judith was hit with partial paralysis, central sight loss, and the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She then spent 3 years discovering what “change-for-success” was all about. She systematically found and released lessons, thoughts and emotions that not only weren’t working for her any longer, but were also threatening her with dis-ease. “You can handle anything,” Judith proclaims. Now symptom-free since 1990, Judith teaches the process she developed to individuals, organizations and businesses ready to move forward, face challenges, solve problems and change-for-success.

All of this is done with a highly creative and unique 4-step movie process she has named, “The C Path.” The steps are to: Change the script of your life, or any part that’s not working; Confront and Conquer the Villains; Call forth your motivation to become the Director of your own life; and Create a multi-level plot or more balanced life.

Using the metaphor of the movies to help facilitate change, Judith turns work into entertainment as she quickly has all of her clients and audiences finding the movies in their lives in order to explore their own hero/victim turning points. Her business and production acumen then comes into play as, Judith quickly cuts through the noise of life to get to the plan – the script that will deliver the goal or goals she helps people define and refine. The secret to success of this process is the way Judith blends the theories behind screenwriting with common sense, business savvy and change techniques to accomplish both business and personal emotional makeovers.

Prior to establishing her information-business, HEALTH-ESTEEM International in 1998, Judith had established a multi-million dollar advertising agency that specialized in marketing national healthcare chains in the 80s. Judith pioneered brand advertising for healthcare products with campaigns for plastic surgery, podiatry, senior health, Women’s Centers, and treatment programs for eating disorders, chemical dependency and mental health. Other client categories included movie promotion, beauty, travel and computer systems. Many advertising awards have come her way as well as invitations to be a motivational speaker for clients and industry peers. In the 70?s, Judith produced and directed over 3,000 television commercials and served as on-camera spokesperson for a national retail chain,

“My goal,” says Judith, “is to make it easier for people to start and maintain the change and growth process in their lives, no matter what the dilemma. My clients have no time for writer’s block or any other type of block, because they are busy finding answers from their own lives to script life changes that assure financial, emotional, mental and physical improvement.”

Honored with a commendation by the City and the County of Los Angeles as a “Woman of Accomplishment,” in 2000, Judith is a strong proponent of giving back. She has served as Women in Films (WIF) Foundation Chair and WIF Vice President. She has been instrumental in uniting the entertainment community in the production of pro bono PSAs for local and national charities serving women and children. For this effort, she was invited to the White House and personally congratulated by former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. She recently completed a campaign for the U.S. Department of Commerce to change the image of Information Technology workers in order to encourage teens to pursue careers in science and technology.

Judith is a former Board member, Marketing Chair, and President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and their 2003 and 2009 Member of the Year. Judith is winner of the 2003 Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award.

Also Vice President of Worldwide Entertainment, Judith is currently producing a feature film and developing other feature projects. Her eyes are seldom off her mission, however, of moving as many people as possible from BLOCKED to BLOCKBUSTER. There are many ways for individuals, businesses and organizations to explore the BLOCKED to BLOCKBUSTER process through books, CDs, special courses, teleseminars, keynotes, workshops and personal and group coaching programs..