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Healing Requires Finding Answers and Defeating Fear


What Is Health-Esteem?It is a highly individualized roadmap that I will help you plot. It leads you to becoming a partner in your own healthcare, and it helps you to understand the Who? What? Where? When? and Why? of wellness and the many alternative health options available.

I often define Health-Esteem with a declaration, “I am worth being healthy!” To act upon that declaration, you may have to actually change much of the mind set you have adopted, inherited or been taught throughout most of your life. You must discover respect for yourself and knowledge that you are what you think. Every experience you have had in life has left you with both a physical and emotional memory. Whether you can recall the events or not, they are rooted in the essence of what makes you uniquely you.

Who Am I To Teach You About Health-Esteem?

I am Judith Parker Harris and throughout most of my life as an advertising, film and performing arts professional, I made my existence much tougher than it needed to be. Some of the pain in my life was unavoidable, but some was magnified by my inability to connect to the healing wisdom within both myself and the world around me. I kept making the same mistakes in relationships, kept coming down with the same number of horrible colds and spells of bronchitis each year, kept sacrificing diversity of life to workaholism, and kept burying one life event after another out of sight if it didn’t fit into my act of perfectionism.

Then crisis hit in 1985, and I was forced to start looking both inside myself and outside of myself if I was going to heal the numbness and partial blindness that came with my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I was going to get my life out from under the covers.

I did it! I’ve been symptom free since 1990. Nothing about my life today is the same as it was in the year of my diagnosis. I did the work which was sometimes frightening, always enlightening and definitely worth it! Then I interviewed hundreds of people like me — ordinary people who needed to overcome extraordinary circumstances, and I wrote a book and a workbook which represent the most fulfilling work of my lifetime to date. The workbook includes years of my research and direct experience as well as guidance and advice from alternative health experts to help you through whatever crisis you may face. Three members of my own healing team contribute: Development consultant, Tobes Reisel; Chiropractor, Nancy LaPidus; and Body Therapist, Elizabeth Harlow.

What’s In This Website for You?

There’s elation that comes with conquering crisis, and in that elation I had an immediate question. How can I share this knowledge with others? How can I make it easier for people to start and maintain the healing process in their own lives? As I began lecturing to groups about crisis recovery, I was asked over and over again for a workbook. Men and women wanted to look at and work with the same procedures I had used so successfully. Like me, they wanted to facilitate their own healing process and bring their awareness to a higher level. This website gives you a taste of the workbook process.

How Can I Teach You To Solve A Crisis?

Every process and procedure I teach is one I used in the years of my research and journey to wellness. I became the every-one-of-you that says, “Yeah, sure, but how can I do this?” The answer is, “Like me, one question and one connection at a time.” I am happy to welcome you to my site which is full of energy designed to motivate you into growth, change and healing.

I invite you to take the first step in creating your own health-esteem team by exploring the topics presented here and in my workbook such as:

Can you name one of the biggest obstacles that can come between you and the accomplishment of your goals?

Every emotion and every thought you have had and currently have affects the outcome of the situations that make up your life.

Take Control of Your Thoughts and Emotions The one part of healing we can take charge of is our thoughts and emotions. Critical lessons come from the lives we live. Everything we need to know to initiate healing is available by accessing the data banks of our lives.Discard Sick-making Lessons from Your LifeI’m talking about disappointing love affairs, failed friendships, confused spirituality, lack of community involvement, sadness, fear, anger, frustration, and other emotions you may have buried. Bring them out for examination before they make you sick.


Separate Yourself From the Roles You Take On In Life

To get well, I had to unlearn my obsession with work, separate myself from what I did for a living and literally birth a self that was willing to participate in all the other parts of life.

No Miracle Cure

By healing or getting well, I’m not speaking about a cure, but rather an evolution into consciousness. When it comes to disease or any crisis, the experience differs as much as each individual’s personality. Every person’s healing process is unique. We don’t necessarily get over a disease. What we do is become conscious of the disease process and what underlies it. Then we set out to change as much as possible about cultural conditioning and mechanical thinking.


Enough about me, let’s talk about you and how you can get started.  Simply go to the top of this page and find a Free Webinar and lots of other things you can do right now.

I look forward to working with you.